[Updated] Lake Trio Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit released in the wild in Pokémon GO

They are rare wild spawns, and possibly region-exclusive too!

Update: It appears that the Lake Trio specifically spawn near natural water, such as… lakes. The number of findings is rather low however – you’ll be lucky to see one if this is the norm.

Update: Shellos had also been BRIEFLY added to the game. However they’ve quickly been removed. Both forms had been available in the same places – no region locking at play – but perhaps this was not intended. It can be evolved into Gastrodon if you were lucky enough to catch it. We’ll update if it returns again.

In a surprise curveball from Niantic, the Legendary Lake Trio Pokémon Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit have been released in Pokémon GO. Unlike every other non-Mythical Legendary released so far, they are not (yet) Raid Bosses but instead found in the wild!

Various pieces of proof have been found, such as the above video. The official Pokémon GO Twitter account made a hint towards this as well.

While not yet confirmed, it appears they may be regional with Uxie appearing in Asia-Pacific regions, and Azelf in the Americas. Mesprit has been reported in Germany (albeit apparently via a spoofer), and thus appears to be the Europe/Africa regional. It is also unsure if they will ever become a Raid Boss.

Their spawn rates are rare. Game data for these Pokémon state they had a flee rate of 4% [now they cannot flee], and a base catch rate of 2%. As such, if you are lucky enough to encounter one, we strongly recommend using any Golden Razz Berries and an Ultra Ball with curveball!

Thanks to Castform for the tip.
Edited by Rivvon.