Shiny Scyther added to Bug-type GO event

Nincada is back as well – provided you find the Field Research task that rewards it!

After seeing Oddish feature on the promotional image for the Equinox event only for no Shiny form of it to be released, some were worried we may see the same for Scyther this time around. Fear not – Shiny Scyther has been sighted in Pokémon GO!

Its addition to the game coincides with the start of the Bug Out event, which lasts until 1 p.m. PDT on the 9th of April. Incense lasts a full hour now, with added spawns when used, and Bug-type Pokémon spawn more often. There are also special Field Research tasks available for the event, bringing a weirdly-missing Nincada back to the game:

  • Catch 15 Bug-type Pokémon [1500 Stardust]
  • Catch 2 Wurmple [Caterpie]
  • Evolve 3 Bug-type Pokémon [Nincada]
  • Catch 5 Ledyba or Spinarak [Yanma]
  • Catch 10 Bug-type Pokémon [Scyther]

Get catching those Bugs, Trainers!

Thanks to Castform for the tip.
Edited by Janna and Rabinov.