New Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution trailer shows characters and staff

Featuring key scenes from Pokémon: The First Movie, only in CGI. This includes Ash and friends!

Amongst the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield hype, it’s finally here — a trailer showing off more than Mewtwo (and Mew)!

The new trailer shows CGI versions of scenes from the first movie. Among the movie’s characters, it means we also get to see CGI versions of Ash and his friends — which we’ll leave to you to think about.

What additional content, if any, is yet to be shown. Still, what do you think?

Sun and Moon – Ultra Legends trailer out

The Sun and Moon anime is receiving a third season, and the English trailer has recently been released! Give it a watch below. It features Hau, not previously seen in the Alolan episodes of Ash’s adventures.

Co-written by bobandbill.