Deoxys-Attack set to enter EX Raid Battles

A new forme of Deoxys has transformed EX Raid Battles…and it doesn’t seem to want to back down from attacks! Can you take it down?

It appears that the next EX Raid Boss in Pokémon GO is Deoxys-Attack.

Starting December 20th, the next cycle of EX Raids will point to this forme of Deoxys. As previously, if a player obtains an EX Raid Pass, they can send this invite to one of their Ultra Friends or Best Friends who can assist in taking down the boss.

At level 40, Deoxys-Attack will have a maximum of 2580 CP, and unlike the previous incarnation of Deoxys, this Forme will have a different slew of attacks. Its fast attacks range from Poison Jab and Zen Headbutt for fast attacks, and its charged attacks are Psycho BoostZap Cannon and Dark Pulse.

While this forme of Deoxys seems to focus more on offense, it is still Deoxys, and will therefore have the same counters as its Normal Forme counterpart. Ghost-type and Dark-type Pokémon such as Banette and Honchkrow are still among the best ones, but Gengar may not be advisable if Psychic-type attacks are of concern. Bug-type Pokémon such as Scizor and Armaldo are also fine counters.

Are you ready to take on this menacing threat that keeps on attacking?