Pokémon GO Holidays 2018 event annouced

It features Shiny Delibird, new generation four Pokémon, and free Incubators! Meanwhile, Lugia and Ho-Oh appear in Raids this weekend.

Niantic have announced details for the winter-themed holiday event this year (sorry, Southern hemisphere folk!). Starting the 18th of December, the following bonuses and events happen:

  • Ice-type Pokémon appear more frequently in the wild, including Snover and Santa-hat Pikachu. 
  • Delibird also spawns and can be Shiny.
  • 7 km Alolan Eggs will have additional Pokémon. Munchlax, Mantyke and Chingling, alongside the already-in-the-game Riolu will appear in these Eggs, as well as Smoochum and Azurill. These Eggs are only obtainable from opening gifts. 
  • One single-use Incubator per day can be obtained from spinning a PokéStop or Gym Photo Disc until the 2nd of January.
  • December 18-22: Double Candy for catching and transferring Pokémon. It is not yet clear if this applies to hatching Eggs too.
  • December 22-26: Double Catch Stardust bonus.
  • December 26-30: Double Catch XP.
  • December 30-January 2: Incubators are “twice as effective” (presumably, distance required to walk to hatch the Egg will be halved).
  • New Delibird-themed clothing will be added to the Style shop.

Croagunk and the Sinnoh Pixie trio (Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf) are not mentioned but do feature in the promotional image; perhaps they too will appear during the event period? 

What part of the event excites you the most? Remember that Lugia and Ho-Oh appear in Raids this weekend and have a chance to be Shiny, just before the Holiday event starts!

Edited by Aldo and Janna.