That new Pokémon briefly appears in GO, confuses everyone

And by everyone it may have even confused Niantic staff. No formal announcement has yet arrived.

The new Pokémon, reported yesterday as appearing in the network traffic in place of Kecleon’s models, has today briefly appeared en masse in Pokémon GO. This occurred at the end of Community Day in the Asia-Pacific region, and effectively replaced all Pokémon. With no CP or otherwise stats, it changes into a Ditto upon capture. This may be a failsafe feature of GO as some people instead saw the real Kecleon model, which also changed to Ditto on capture.

The head of marketing for the game in Japan had tweeted about it, fuelling speculation this was a weird, elaborate tease of this new Pokémon. However, it is also possible it was an attempted cover-up. Alternatively, it is genuine confusion from the head of marketing.

It’s an unheard of event, and one that has everyone talking. What do you think of the new Pokémon and its unorthodox introduction?