Twitch Announces Pokémon Anime Marathon

Debatably the greatest single streaming event of all time, probably.

Welp, someone decided to do it.

Streaming service Twitch has announced via its official Twitter that it will be live streaming every single episode of the Pokémon anime, from episode 1 to 1011 and beyond.

As if you need to hear it from me, the stream begins with Season 1 Episode 1 at 10AM Pacific Time on the 27th of August. For those not interested in looking it up, that’s 1PM for the eastern part of the United States, 6PM for the United Kingdom, 7PM for central Europe, and 1AM on the 28th for Sydney. That said, streaming 1000 episodes of a show takes a lot of time – the hosts estimate ending the festivities as late as June of next year – so don’t worry if you miss the start.

The stream will occur in SIX languages – English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Brazilian Portuguese – so most western audiences can listen in their first or second language.

As a general rule, the stream will run “new” episodes Monday to Thursday, with Friday and Saturday featuring reruns of previous episodes. Every Sunday at 10AM PT will be a “movie party”, where one of the Pokémon movies will be streamed.

Additionally, Twitch is adding a “badge collector extension” to its services, in which Pokémon appear on the stream and players attempt to capture them, much like the main series games. Not much is currently known about this extension.

Twitch chat will likely be as enthusiastic as ever for this event, so feel free to chat along while watching!

How much of this marathon will you watch?