Zapdos the next field research Legendary in Pokémon GO

A new update reveals a new attack on the way as well, alongside potential for performance improvements.

A new post by the official Pokémon GO Twitter account, alongside a in-game notification has confirmed that the reward for Field Research during May will cease to be Moltres and instead be Zapdos. New research tasks and different rewards will also go live.

Meanwhile, a new update has gone live in app stores. The Silph Road has already unearthed the changes. The most interesting of the list is the following:

  • Field Research objectives appear to focus more on winning Gym Battles.
  • A new Fast Move, Smack Down, has been added to the in-game move dictionary. It is not known when this would be made available, nor for which Pokémon.
  • Further changes have been made to the code in regard to submission of new Poké Stops.
  • Monitoring of the performance of the Pokémon GO application has been added.

Are you happy about Zapdos being the next Legendary in line for Quest Rewards, or did you want Articuno first?