Bulbasaur features in the next Pokémon GO Community Day

Bulbasaur and triple XP from catching Pokémon will feature on March the 25th!

After the mostly successful February Community Day (server issues in Asia/Pacific regions aside), the next Pokémon to feature in March’s Pokémon GO Community Day has been announced. Bulbasaur, number one in the Pokédex, has been chosen to feature during the event on March the 25th.

No exclusive move has been yet announced, and perhaps disappointingly the event will again only last for three hours. Lures will last for three hours during the event, and the XP gained from catching will be tripled. It is also very likely that Bulbasaur will have its Shiny form added, and be more likely to be Shiny during the event, as with Pikachu and Dratini.

Are you happy that Bulbasaur has been selected?