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Check out this metal cover of the Pokémon Theme

A YouTuber known for some excellent “metal cover” songs gets into some Pokémon Theme song action.

If you’ve been checking out Jonathan Young’s YouTube channel recently, or even just some social media feeds, you may have noticed something cool — a metal cover of Pokémon Theme (alternatively titled “Gotta Catch ‘Em All”).

Peppered throughout the cover is some backing by the singer of the original Pokémon Theme song, Jason PaigePaige himself appears midway through the video, donning various suits and a Pikachu onesie. Since his stint singing the first theme song and a few other songs heard in the first and second seasons of Pokémon, Paige has focused on other parts of his musical and acting career, but recently returned to the Pokémon action with an enthusiastic studio re-recording of the first theme in celebration of Pokémon GO.

Jonathan Young is no stranger to Pokémon, either — he’s made several covers of songs from the Pokémon TV series, including Viridian City and Team Rocket Double Trouble. You might even know him for various non-Pokémon covers, such as his cover of STAND PROUD (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure). But again, why not check out his Pokémon covers?

And hey, Jason Paige doesn’t do a bad job with metal songs, either.

What do you think — of the video, of Paige’s return, or of Jonathan’s various covers?

Edited by Volpe Artica and Rainbow.