Check out these film props for the Detective Pikachu movie

Found and posted on Twitter by @HowardBud in Central London, these film props give us a little bit of insight into the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie.

Twitter user Howard Bud has stumbled across an interesting find — film props for what appears to part of the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie.

The film props feature several unmistakable Pokémon elements in them — the Ryme City Police Department logo prominently features Victini, and the missing Pokémon posters ask for information on an unaccounted-for Machamp, Pancham and Graveller.

Ryme City is the setting for the upcoming Detective Pikachu video game and its associated movie directed by Rob Letterman. The movie, set to feature Ryan Reynolds as the eponymous detective, revolves around a teen (played by Justice Smith) solving the mystery of his kidnapped father, aided by the detective plus a sassy journalist played by Kathryn Newton. Further details on the movie remain scant.