Seviper and Zangoose swap regions in Pokémon GO

The two Pokémon were previously only found in separate parts of the world, but now appeared to have swapped.

Two of the newer region exclusives Pokémon in Pokémon GO, Seviper and Zangoose, have reportedly switched places. Previously Seviper would only appear in Europe, Asia and Australia, while Zangoose could only be caught in America and Africa. Now they’re found in the opposite regions.

A Seviper caught in the US. The Silph Road Reddit

This is the first occurrence of a swap in region (unless the region-exclusivity has been outright removed), and there has been no word from Niantic about it either. Furthermore, Plusle and Minun, who were also exclusive to the same regions as Zangoose and Seviper respectively, have not yet been discovered in different regions.

Have you caught both of Zangoose and Seviper already?

Thanks to Forever for the tip.