First Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Global Mission Announced!

The first Global Mission for the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon has been announced! This one will involve Pokémon captures!

The first Global Mission for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon has been announced! In the mission “Catch a lot of Pokémon!” – The goal is for trainers to collectively catch 10,000,000 Pokémon before November 28, 2017. Quite the goal it seems! If the goal is met, every participant will be awarded 2,000 Festival Coins. If the goal is not met, all participants will be awarded 1,000 Festival Coins instead. The mission is currently already active.

Given the first Mission for Pokémon Sun and Moon asked for 100 million Pokémon to be caught, with less than 20 million achieved, and considering that mission started after launch, this should be a realistic goal.

Trainers who have their game registered at the Pokémon Global Link will receive double the Festival Coins in the end, so be sure to sign up if you haven’t already.

Edited by bobandbill and ddrox.