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Kalos Creeps & Hoenn Hauntings

Reader, beware: you’re in for a Never-Ending Nightmare.

What do you mean, “is that it?” Child, don’t be so ungrateful! I’ve given you more insight than you could have imagined on the most ghoulish hauntings of the Kalos and Hoenn regions!

You are right, child—Hoenn and Kalos have horrifying happenings that are still shrouded in mystery to this very day. We don’t have exact answers to questions like the true purposes of the Sea Mauville excavations and dealings with Oreburgh Mine, or who the Lumiose ghost girl is and who she is looking for. At this rate, we may never receive any answers. But that’s what makes it exciting, no? You child, you are the one who must come up with answers on your own.

Ah ha ha, no need to tell me your thoughts, child. Although, you may get it off your chest now if you’d like. This will be your last opportunity to do so.

No, child, the door does not open from this side. Don’t look so frightened, child, relax. I told you, didn’t I? Most people don’t make it past their first story with me. But you… you have heard more than enough. And yet, still… No.