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Kalos Creeps & Hoenn Hauntings

Reader, beware: you’re in for a Never-Ending Nightmare.

Welcome, child. Oh? Why so surprised? I’ve been expecting you. How did I know you’d be here? You’ve been planning this visit for quite some time now, haven’t you? Once someone plans a visit here, they always follow through.

So tell me, child: what exactly do you wish to know? I have plenty of stories that—

Oh? Everything?

Oh! I see. You’re a curious one. I like that!

But! I must warn you: most visitors don’t make it through their first story. Knowledge can often be dangerous, after all…

I can sense your certainty. Good. You’ll need it.

Sit, child. Sit. We’ll be here a while. Let me tell you all that I know about the beautiful regions haunted by the memories of a great war…

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