Magikarp Jump 1.3.0 Update – The Final League

Update 1.3.0 of Magikarp Jump is in! Are you ready for the final league?

A new update to the mobile game Magikarp Jump has been released today! This update includes additions to just about every part of the game. Here’s a summary of everything that got changed.


・You can now challenge the final league!
・New features to enjoy playing even after the ending!
・New random events have been added!
・New friendship items and decorations added to the Diamond Shop!
・Simplified Chinese now available as a language choice!
・The new Pond Booster can be used to increase the speed your Magikarp gains Jump Power!

The final league is called the Master League. Do you think you’re ready to take it on? What do you think about the rest of the additions?

We’ll be bringing you details about the new features and the Master League shortly!

Edited by Charlie Brown.
Credit to Radiating for the tip.