Shiny Pikachu appearing at Pokémon GO Yokohama Event

Let’s hope that we’ll be able to get them ourselves later! New Raid Bosses have been sighted at the event as well.

The Yokohama Park Pokémon GO event has started today. It has been advertised in the previous week to feature rare Pokémon such as Mr. Mime (UK only in normal circumstances) and Miltank (a rare Pokémon), and an outbreak of Pikachu. Not advertised until now, however, is the availability of shiny Pikachu!

Yep, that’s a shiny.

This is the second species of Pokémon within Pokémon GO to be able to have their shiny version caught alongside their normal form. The Magikarp line was the first, and like Magikarp, these shiny Pikachu can be evolved too.

A similar tone to Dusk Lycanroc.

It is not yet known whether Pichu can be found in their shiny form, or if Pikachu will appear as shiny outside of Yokohama, Japan, just yet.

Update: Reports have also come in of new Raid Bosses for the event, such as Houndoom, Piloswine, Ursaring and Wobbuffet. It is possible that these Raid Bosses will be seen after the event ends worldwide, but it is not yet confirmed. They all show at level 4 Raids despite not all matching with their CP ranges.

Are you hoping to find a shiny Pikachu, or would you rather have other Pokémon just receive their shiny forms already in the game?

Edited by Meganium.