Rockruff mystery evolution in Anime teased in cliffhanger

Speculation has been floated that it may evolve into a third form… We’ll find out next week.

The latest episode of the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime has aired in Japan today. The next episode preview that followed teased that a Rockruff which belongs to Ash will evolve into Lycanroc. That question is – which form will it involve into? There’s the Midday Form which evolves when it is daytime, and the Midnight Form for nighttime. However, as the sneak peak shows…

…it’s not clear what it will evolve into! The supposed time of evolution is right at the end of the day.

Viewers have already started speculating that, rather than the two forms we know, this Rockruff may evolve into a third Lycanroc form. There’s some support for this within the Pokémon Global Link site too, as a placeholder image was found for Lycanroc back when Pokémon Sun and Moon released:

Given Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are due for release in November, it may be a good way to use the anime to advertise a new form available within those games. While not typical, the anime did enjoy showing off Ash-Greninja last season which then was released in the games through the Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo.

Do you think this will end up being a new form, or will Rockruff just become one of the two forms we already know about? It’s all speculation at this stage, but the anime teaser above certainly seems suspicious.