Dissatisfied Pokémon GO Fest attendee files lawsuit against Niantic

The Californian Pokémon GO Fest attendee has requested class-action status, alleging the company should have foreseen issues plaguing event.

Following what many have called a disappointing experience at Pokémon GO Fest which led to an acknowledgement from Niantic about the software and network issues that plagued the event, a Californian man has filed a lawsuit against Niantic. Attendee Jonathan Norton alleges that Niantic knew about what would hamper the event  — or should have foreseen them.

The lawsuit has been filed in Cook County Circuit Court by the Chicago-based Zimmerman Law Offices. Norton alleges that Niantic has violated state civil laws under Illinois, California and Washington.

From the Chicago Tribune:

The suit claims Niantic failed to account for the number of people who attended Pokemon Go Fest, as well as technical problems with the game’s software. Those factors led to fest attendees being “unable to play the game as (Niantic’s) advertising had led them to anticipate,” the suit says.

Like many others, Norton traveled to attend Pokemon Go Fest, the suit says. If the attendees had known they wouldn’t be able to play the game as advertised, “they would not have purchased tickets or paid money to travel to and attend the fest,” the suit says.

According to Zimmerman Law Offices’ press release, the lawsuit seeks monetary damages to recover travel costs. For their part, Niantic have issued refunds and $100 worth of in-game Poké Coins to attendees following the event as a gesture of goodwill.

Original Story: Chicago Tribune
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