Magikarp Jump version 1.1.0 changes rundown

Here’s a rundown of Magikarp Jump’s latest update, which includes many brand new changes!

As of June 9th, an update for the game Magikarp Jump has been released, adding a new league, new decorations, new training routines, and more! Let’s see what was added or changed!

Max trainer Rank has been raised from 51 to 63. This means you can fish Magikarp with a max level up to 73! Those that were Rank 51 before will have their Support Candy bar change back to the Rank bar. Progress is kept.

Magikarp motivation bonus has been boosted to 950% from 600%.

The Heal League has been added, following the Luxury League. It awards a brand new decoration item!

New Magikarp patterns have been added. They can be fished up with the Rare Old Rod, a new fishing rod that you obtain after beating the Heal League.

Apricot Zebra

Apricot Tiger

Apricot Stripes

Brown Zebra

Brown Tiger

Brown Stripes

Some higher rank “berries” were added. They’re actually cookies but still located in the berries category. They are the Shalour Sable, and the Lumiose Galette. They are unlocked at Rank 48 and 54 respectively.

Two Training routines were also made available, the Frost Cruncher and the Soccer Ball Juggle. The former is unlocked at rank 50,  while the latter can be purchased when a player reaches rank 56.

Decorations and Friendship items also got some brand new arrivals. Decoration includes the Lilligant Doll, which gives 6% more chance to get an Event after Training. It can be acquired for 450 Diamonds. The second addition is the prize for beating the Heal League, the Starmie Bubbler. It gives a 10% Skill Recovery Rate. As for Friendship items, the Shell Bell can be bought for 500 Diamonds, while the Black Sludge is 600 Diamonds. The Shell Bell’s Greninja gives a lot of JP and can be upgraded, while Black Sludge’s Gengar boosts JP by 50%, for one minute.

We also got 2 new Events, triggered by completing the Heal League – Our Eyes Met and Research Money. Our Eyes Met allows you to win a Support Candy or lose JP, and Research Money simply gives you a ton of coins.

Edited by Radiating and Rainbow.