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Aaron takes on Showdown – Week Two

Aaron from PokéCommunity takes on the Pokémon Showdown ladder…with a twist!

Replays + Stats

First of all, here is the KO count for all 6 members of the team:

Flygon 19
Espeon 10
Mandibuzz 8
Kingler 7
Slowking 6
Squirtle 2

Here is the W/L ratio for this particular session and my overall W/L ratio:

This week’s W/L record: 7W 10L

Total W/L record: 8W 13L

Here you can witness just how I managed only a difference of 3 with Squirtle and Scarf Kingler in my team (plus some potential bonus replays)!

Edited by ddrox13, Dragon and Zach.