Magnemite now has a song and T-shirt

Where is Coil? Here is Coil!

The Pokémon YouTube channel has released a new music video to celebrate a specific Pokémon. This time Magnemite takes centre stage for the song! While it is sung in Japanese, English subtitles are supplied. As the video points out, Magnemite in Japanese is ‘Coil’.

Where is Coil? Everywhere, apparently.

Another question, of course, is if this has anything to do with a new game, like how Magikarp had a song shortly before Magikarp Splash was released. However, the likes of Slowpoke and Mimikyu have no game, so it’s likely that was just a once-off.

A strange website has also been launched featuring both the song and Magnemite with funky hair-dos which you can vote for. A Twitter campaign has also started, where people tweeting a message to the official Pokémon Twitter account have the chance to win a free T-shirt featuring the most popular hairstyle.

Apparently they do need hair.

Did you enjoy this song, and want a Magnemite T-shirt? Which hair style best suits Magnemite? What Pokémon would you like to see a music video about next?