New Pokémon Sun and Moon Global Mission rather fishy

That’s because it involves fishing! Get it? Fishy… Oh, just get 250,000 Pokémon via fishing in rare spots already.

The next Global Mission has started for Pokémon Sun and Moon, and it fishily seems to be inspired by a recent mobile phone app release. This event is all about fishing Pokémon (or items) from rare (bubbling) Fishing spots! Players have until Wednesday June 12 at 23:59 UTC to reach the target of 250,000 Pokémon/Items.

Besides Festival Coins, a Lure Ball and Rare Candy can also be reeled in:

If the goal of 250,000 Pokémon/items is reached, Pokémon Global Link members will earn 4,000 Festival Coins, while Trainers who do not belong to the PGL will earn 2,000 Festival Coins. If the goal is not reached, the participation prize will be 400 Festival Coins for PGL members, and 200 Festival Coins for Trainers not registered at the PGL.

PGL members are also eligible to receive a Lure Ball—a Poké Ball that has better odds of catching a Pokémon while fishing—if a bonus goal of 500,000 Pokémon/items is caught. Plus, regardless of the success of the global mission, any PGL member who contributes at least three Pokémon/items will earn five Rare Candies!

Are you taken hook line and sinker for this event, or are you more keen on fishing up Magikarp in Magikarp Splash?

Edited by Charlie Brown and Jake.