PokéCommunity Daily is hiring!

If you’d like to apply for the team, look inside!

Once again, PokéCommunity Daily is looking for new recruits for various positions! This time, we’re looking for the people for the following roles:

  • Headline Writer. We need people who can seek out any Pokémon-related news and post about it. Articles don’t need to be long, but they do need to be as prompt as possible!
  • Pokémon Anime Writer. This involves writing various articles about the anime series, including – but not necessarily limited to – things such as reviews, synopses, speculation articles, etc.
  • Fanbase Feature Writer. For finding various fanworks from across the internet and showcasing them (with permission!) on Daily.
  • Pokémon Fan Game writer. Similar to above, but with a more direct focus on various fan-created games. Also can involve writing about any processes involved with their creation.

Other positions not listed here may be considered as well, but the focus will be mainly on the ones above.

If you’re interested and would like to apply, then click here for more information on how to to do so. Applications are open only until May 12th!