Premium Bandai releases line of candy Poké Ball containers

Brock would have found these Poké Balls very handy to store his Poké Food in.

Pokémon fanatics, you are one step closer to becoming a true Pokémon trainer.

While they do not contain actual Pokémon in them, Japanese toy company Premium Bandai has unveiled their most recent merchandise lineup which consists of a variety of different Poké Balls. The set contains 11 different types of Poké Balls. These iconic items will be sold as breath mint containers, giving an alternative use for other oddities such as candy and change.

Through the infographics provided, the 11 different types of Poké Balls will be an original Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Master Ball, Quick Ball, Dusk Ball, Timer Ball, Heal Ball, Dive Ball, Luxury Ball, and Premier Ball. They will also come with six clips that will allow you to hook the Poké Balls onto a belt or other item. The set is slated to be released in Japan September of this year at a price of 7,020 yen (US $64).

For those interested in purchasing this merchandise, you can go over to their site to preorder the Poké Ball set.

What do you think of the quality of these Poké Balls? Does it warrant the price tag?

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