Stats of Pokémon in Pokémon GO now differ

They now vary based on trainer level. This is yet another change that hurts tracking and spoofing apps for the game.

If you’ve been relying on apps to help you find Pokémon with high IVs or great attacking moves in Pokémon GO, you’re suddenly out of luck.

Niantic have just implemented a change to the game which effectively randomises all stats for Pokémon spawned in the game. Players with different levels will find the individual values (IVs) for stats, the Combat Power (CP), moveset, weight and height will now change. The only constant now is that the species of Pokémon remains the same for all players. One caveat is that it appears that trainers above level 30 will still see some information be the same as other level 30+ players, but it’s still a major pain for websites that offer tracking for the game (or worse like spoofing).

This is akin to how whether a Magikarp in the game is shiny or not works – a Magikarp that is shiny in your friend’s game will not necessarily be shiny for you! Perhaps this is further lead-up to the implementation of shiny Pokémon for all species currently available in the game.

What are your thoughts on this change? Have you tried out a tracking application to find specific Pokémon, including those with strong stats?