Third trailer for 20th movie released — featuring Marshadow!

Marshadow’s been revealed, and it has a role in the 20th movie, too!

Perhaps succeeding (or preceding?) the reveal of Marshadow is the third trailer for the Pokémon animation’s 20th movie, dropped by The Pokémon Company’s Japanese YouTube channel today:

While we’ve speculated that the movie would focus on Ash’s origin story, Piplup also appears in the trailer, perhaps hinting that the movie might cover more ground than just Ash’s initial journey in Kanto.

We know that Ash’s Pikachu will be one of the movie’s coveted distributions in Japan — could Marshadow, who appears for a couple of seconds in this trailer standing besides Ash, be the other distribution? What relevance does it have in the movie? Is it now officially retconned as a Pokémon Ash has already met, well before he came to Alola?

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We also have two new characters who aren’t Misty nor Brock who stand with Ash. Could they perhaps accompany him for some stretch during his 20-year adventure? Lastly, we get a bit more footage of Ash’s encounter with Ho-Oh. What is the significance of this event, and where does this sit in the timeline?

If you’ve got questions, we’ve probably got them too. Will the other characters return? Will we have a trailer featuring all Ash’s travelling companions? Or do the new characters replace them entirely? How many new things will be added to Ash’s backstory? Be sure to discuss them at PokéCommunity by following the comments thread!