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Gold found at MooMoo Farm

Just what are those Miltank hiding?

“Enjoy Our Fresh and Tasty Milk”? More like “Enjoy Our Soft and Shiny Gold”! PokéCommunity Dairy can reveal the shocking find made this week at MooMoo Farm.

Shopkeeper Mr. Phillar Caractor of Olivine City had his suspicions raised when a young Trainer walked in and sold a high quantity of gold Nuggets to him. “He refused to say anything about where he found them,” Phillar claimed. “He just dropped the Nuggets on the counter and waited for me to pay him. He appeared to be pretty strong so I didn’t want to cause any problems, but… no kid just has that amount of Nuggets from anywhere!”

Tests on the traces of soil left upon the Nuggets matched with that found on MooMoo Farm, located by Route 39 of the Johto region.

The owner of the farm, Mr. Hay, has no answers as to the exact whereabouts of the Nuggets. “I have no idea what you’re talking about! Do you think that I’d just leave gold lying about on my farm? I could have used it to buy medicine for my sweet Miltank earlier! Now get off the paddock, you’re ruining the grass – I’ll make the Miltank use Rollout.” The Miltank living on the farm had no useful comments to provide.

Interest in the farm by other trainers has since spiked, as has sales of Itemfinders. Moomoo Farm isn’t the only affected area either; reports have cropped up of other valuable items at other ranches, such as Paniola Ranch. This reporter, however, was unable to find anything beyond a lousy X Attack.

Do you have any hot tips about Nuggets? Do let us know; we offer a cut.