Detective Pikachu movie script leaked!

With little news besides it announcement, it looks like the script for Detective Pikachu has leaked, at least partially!

In a shocking reveal today, part of the script for the upcoming film Detective Pikachu has leaked. It appears to be from the first act, and the movie certainly seems interesting. With us knowing little about the movie’s overall plot or even cast members, it is very surprising to see this leak. Perhaps we will hear something more soon! Below you can read the script that covers the first case of the movie. It certainly seems to be shaping up nicely! Be warned – spoilers are below!

The scene opens with Tim and Pikachu sitting at a desk in the detective’s office, seemingly after having resolved a situation.

[Detective HQ, Pikachu and Tim sitting at said desk, with a Oran-brand laptop placed near Pikachu.]

Tim: So Pikachu, what should we do now?

[Pikachu looks at the laptop screen.]

Pikachu: Well Tim, there’s some crime afoot in this big city. There’s lost Pokémon, a crime syndicate to take down… hmm, maybe some other kid could take that one. There’s reports of rouge Pokémon…

[Tim types into a search engine as Pikachu muses. Tim suddenly sits up straight and points at the laptop.]

Tim: Ooh let’s take this one! Some monster has taken all the MooMoo Milk in the city! We have to stop this madness!

[Pikachu scratches his head.]

Pikachu: But what about all the other crimes?

Tim: Eh, I’m sure Looker or Anabel can take that one.

Pikachu: Don’t you remember? They were fighting those strange aliens, and Looker disappeared.

Tim: Oh yeah, but it has been like five months since that happened. They’re probably fine. Besides, someone else has to work here. Let’s go try to track down this thief!

[Pikachu nods.]

Narrator: And so, Tim and Pikachu set off for the Hundred Acre Wood… Oh wait, wrong film. And so, Tim and Pikachu went to the supermarkets in the city to gather clues.

[Pokéball-shaped transition effect.]

[Cut to supermarket. Camera pans over shelves chock-full of Pokémon food before resting on Tim and Pikachu. Tim points at a shelf.]

Tim: Look, they have Ho-Oh Oh’s! I hear they taste like a rainbow!

Pikachu: Gosh dang it Tim, we came here to investigate, not shop!

[Pikachu shakes his head. Tim glances at his feet.]

Tim: Urgh. Okay…

[Tim rushes toward the door labelled manager and kicks it down. Pikachu jumps back in shock and watches Tim drag the Manager out by the collar.]

Tim [to Manager]: Where’s the MooMoo Milk!?

[Manager shakes Tim off.]

Manager [shouting]: What are you talking about?!

[Pikachu steps forward and takes off his hat.]

Pikachu: Ahem. Sorry for the intrusion, but we are here to look for information about the missing MooMoo Milk across the city.

Manager: Son, what is this Pikachu shouting at me for? Why does it have a hat?!

Tim: Oh yeah, he brought me here to help ask questions about the missing MooMoo Milk across the city.

[Close shot of Manager blinking at Tim and expressing confusion.]

Manager: Children have such vivid imagination these days! And, ugh, strong arms…

[Manager rubs at his neck.]

Manager: As for the MooMoo Milk, yeah, we had tons of it disappear. When they vanished we noticed our supply room door was kicked down to get in at it. Much like how you kicked this one down…

Tim: I see! Thanks for your help!

Pikachu: Not bad, Tim!

[Tim faces Pikachu.]

Tim: What do you mean, not bad?

Manager: What a strange little boy!

[Manager backs away and slams the door shut, before locking it.]

Narrator: With their new information in hand, Tim and Pikachu head back to HQ. They discover that someone must be using a powerful Pokémon to rob these stores, if it can kick down the doors. The next day, they hear talk of someone selling MooMoo Milk on the streets, so they decide to head to the location of the crime.

[Pokéball-shaped transition effect.]

I can only imagine that life at the office could be fun like this based on the script!

[Cut to shot of the side of a street by a park. Zoom in to reveal that Tim and Pikachu are hiding in bushes.]

Tim: So when do you think he will show up?

Pikachu: Who knows, but why did you set up a rope trap underneath a street lamp?

[Shot of hastily made rope trap dangling from a lamp.]

Tim: We must have some way to catch this guy.

Pikachu: Well you could have done something less obvious. The light from the lamp makes it clearly visible to everyone-shh, someone’s here!

[Shot from Tim and Pikachu’s location. Pikachu crouches down. A few sparks appear around his cheeks. Dealer enters into the shot.]


[Dealer looks around to see who shouted and walks into rope trap.]

Tim [Excited]: WE GOT THEM!

[Pikachu rubs his eyes.]

Pikachu: How in the Arceus did this work…?

Tim: Let’s bring him back to HQ!

[Pokéball-shaped transition effect]

[Cut to Pikachu and Tim are interrogating the Dealer inside the top secret detective headquarters. Dealer is tied up in a chair. Pikachu is standing on a desk. Tim stares at the dealer will absentmindedly playing with a Poké Ball-themed yo-yo.]

Tim: Alright: got milk?

Dealer: You ain’t got nothing on me!

Tim: Then where did this case of MooMoo Milk come from?

[Tim motions to a case next to them.]

I choose you to start talking!

[Tim slaps Dealer with the yo-yo. It leaves a circular mark on the Dealer’s cheek.]

Dealer: Argh! Alright! I’ll talk! There’s this masked man who calls himself the Dairy King. He’s used his army of Tauros to round up all the MooMoo Milk and create a fortune by selling it.


[Camera switch to Dealer’s perspective.]

Pikachu: Pika, Pika!!!!

[Camera switches to original perspective.]

Tim: ANSWER HIM! When Pikachu talks, you answer!

Dealer [Confused]: What’s even going on!?


[Tim hits the Dealer with the yo-yo again. Dealer winces in pain.]

Dealer: Okay, okay! It’s on the outskirts of the city. He’s hiding out in the abandoned farm next to the, uh, abandoned saw mill.

Tim: Alright Pikachu, we’ll go there tomorrow night! Let’s talk to the other detectives and see what we can do to set up a raid!

[Pokéball-shaped transition effect.]

Tim seems to be the bad cop, huh!

[One night later, Pikachu walks into the office and sees Tim on the computer.]

Pikachu: Come on Tim, we have to get ready for the raid and stop the Dairy King.

Tim: Hold on I need to finish this post on the PokéCommunity Dairy.

Pikachu: Really? Why would someone use that site? It’s so overrated.

Tim: Hey, It’s great! And… done!

Pikachu: Alright, let’s head out!

[Pokéball-shaped transition effect.]

[Pikachu, Tim, and the officers arrive at the Dairy King’s headquarters.]

Tim: Alright Pikachu, the other officers are at the exits with their Arcanine. Let’s enter the front door.

Pikachu: Let’s be careful in there, who knows what we will encounter!

[Tim nods.]

Tim: Right!

[Tim kicks down the door. They enter and see cases of MooMoo Milk galore. Atop a walkway over the barn stands a mysterious character.]

Dairy King: You’ve done well to track me down, but you will not stop my master. I’ve been expecting you since you started looking.

Tim: How could you possibly have done this? You’re just being dramatic.

Pikachu: Yeah, what a strange person. Let’s stop him, Tim!

Dairy King: How cute, your tiny rat thinks it can beat me! Try it!

[Tim scratches his head.]

Tim: He can understand you?

[Other officers bust through the doors]

Officers: Down on the ground!

Dairy King: Never! Go, Tauros!

[A stampede of Tauros rush out of a side door onto the officers. They cry in panic. Dairy King turns to Pikachu and Tim.]

Dairy King: Now with your backup distracted: surprise!

[A net rises and picks up Pikachu and Tim. Dairy King laughs as they struggle.]

Dairy King: Now it’s time to dispose of you! To the Milk tank you go!

Tim: Noooo! What do we do, Pikachu?

Pikachu: I don’t know Tim, we need to think and act fast!

Narrator: Our Heroes are in quite the soggy situation, however are they to escape? Find out next time, on Pokémon Z! …Oh wait, that never happened. Oops.

[Pokéball-shaped transition effect.]

The script shows Pikachu’s great personality!

The script cuts off there, but the movie sounds promising! Will you be lining up to see this day one?

Edited by bobandbill, ddrox13 and Volpe Artica.