Trailer for Pokémon’s 20th Movie released!

Ash goes back to the beginning and picks up a rare feather. Check out the trailer here!

The trailer for the 20th Pokémon movie released just some minutes ago, with most of the scenes being the same as the first episode. However, there’s an interesting scene with Ash getting a Rainbow Feather from Ho-Oh!

Below you can see new summary of the movie!

Do you know how these two met? Ash and Pikachu are currently the best of partners. But the truth is, their initial meeting went as badly as it could possibly have! A Pikachu that won’t listen to Ash, and an unskilled Ash that wants to befriend Pikachu: Can these two become true partners? On the day they set off from Pallet Town, the two swore an oath as they looked up at Ho-Oh flying across the sky: “Let’s go meet it together one day!” And now this duo’s adventure begins, guided by the shining rainbow-colored wings!

Edited by bobandbill, Volpe Artica, and Z25.
Thanks to Achromatic for the tip!