Competition hosting and QR Code teams in Sun and Moon

You can host competitions in Pokémon Sun and Moon, and try out rental teams in battle!

Along with the start of the Global Mission in Pokémon Sun and Moon, new features are now enabled through the Global Link system. If you have an account, you can now organize online battling competitions.

Set up your own small tournaments for your pals to play in with Friendly Competitions. Customize your competition’s format and regulations so you can battle any way you want. Use the PGL to host either an Online Competition or a Live Competition, set your competition name and regulations, and then make it public or private.

Furthermore, you can download rental teams through QR Codes to try out!

Battle with teams designed by other players with the QR Rental Teams feature. With this feature you can try out teams and strategies that would ordinarily take a long time to put together, or help a friend battle against a variety of teams. Rental Teams make it easy to practice and prepare like never before! But when it comes time for a real competition, you’ll have to put together your own team—Rental Teams aren’t allowed in formal tournaments.

A word of note: Rental team QR codes are unique to the recipient of the code. This means they must be generated through the PGL, and you must have an account and you must have your game linked to use these codes. This prevents randomly generating QR codes for random teams. It also means that you need to share a link to the page to generate the code rather than the code itself.

Are you planning to make use of either feature?

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