Pokémon Bank generation 1 transfer, National Dex details revealed

No, the update is not out yet, but we do learn more about what the update contains.

Nintendo of Hong Kong have revealed some information on Pokémon Bank. They are as follows:

  • Pokémon transferred from generation one games will have changes made to stats. They will have three perfect IVs at minimum (but unlikely to have more, just like with current Legendary Pokémon), a random Nature and a chance to have a Hidden Ability. This is an interesting solution to the different IV systems generation one and seven games have.

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  • Pokémon from generation one games will have a unique GameBoy mark on their status screen. This is the same approach as seen with the generation six pentagon icon.
  • Pokémon Bank will have a National Pokédex that will sync up with the games you use with the application. This will list Pokémon caught and seen and combine them for all games. This means you won’t have to deposit all Pokémon into Bank to complete the Pokédex!

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  • Battle Points return as a reward.
  • You can track stats such as the number of Pokémon Eggs hatched.

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There is no release date for the update. Prior to Pokémon Sun and Moon, it was stated that the Pokémon Bank update will be released in January 2017. A week remains for that prediction to hold true.

While not ruled out, there was no mention of limitations on moves for Pokémon from Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow in being transferred. Perhaps a No Guard Machamp with Fissure will be possible. There is also no indication of Item transfer support in the update.

Additionally dataminer SciresM has discovered that bank supports seven GameBoy Color games.

With Red/Blue/Yellow/Green taking up four slots, it’s likely the next 3 are for Gold Silver and Crystal. This would give the fans something they’ve been asking for and makes sense as the next step in Virtual Console titles for the series. So we may learn of these next three titles very soon.

What do you think of the details we received? And what Pokémon are you planning to transfer over to generation seven? Are you excited for possible Gen 2 Virtual Console?

Thanks to Achromatic for the tip.