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Fan Game Focus: Pokémon Ocean Blue!

Read about a fan game that brings you back to Kanto in a new way!

In the fan game scene, there are many hacks or RPG Maker games that aim to recreate the adventures we already know and love! A popular focus is re-imagining Kanto. While it got a remake in FireRed and LeafGreen, the major changes added to later remakes gives fans new and exciting ideas to do with their takes on a remake.

Pokémon Ocean Blue, a fan game created by Zeak6464, aims to do just that! Go back to Kanto but with new events and changes. The world is slightly redesigned, and has a new backstory. Twenty years ago a great flood swept across the land. No one knows what caused this mysterious flood, but it is thought that the god of the sea was angry. Flash forward to the current time, and you are about to begin your journey. You journey starts with you heading downstairs like most Pokémon games. When you go downstairs your mother gives you a whole bunch of items! These include items such as the Poké Radar, a Town Map, Swim Short and more.

A look at Pallet Town which has been redesigned.
A look at Pallet Town which has been redesigned.

Swim Short is one of the many new items that act as HM replacements. That’s right, in this fan game, HMs are completely gone! The items given to you are all from a box your father had – like Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, you have a dad in this remake as well. Not much is known about him though he is important to the plot.

The Swim Trunks which replace Surf.
The Swim Short which replace Surf.

As you go through the game, you challenge gyms, and fight Team Rocket like the originals, who want to awaken a truly powerful Pokémon to achieve their goals! To switch up the formula though, there are some other features. Such as:

  • A randomized starter if you want. Don’t want the normal Kanto starters? Well without the game being a full randomizer, you can have it select three Pokémon randomly for you to start your journey with! These include all Generation I to Generation VI Pokémon. They even walk with you!
  • A turbo mode: In this mode, you can speed the game up a bit like an emulator. This is a feature you won’t normally see in fan games.
  • Multiple regions! In Ocean Blue, there will be three regions to visit. Fans of games with multiple regions will surely love this feature!
  • There are also different modes like a Nuzlocke Mode, which may be helpful for those who want to play it like one.

Ocean Blue is currently in demo, so give it a try! To check out actual footage from it, watch the video below from the PokéCommunity’s Youtube channel.

Be sure to follow for updates on the game in the thread for Ocean Blue as well.

Edited by bobandbill and Charlie Brown.

Video by Necrum.