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Check out these Halloween tales!

The PokéCommunity forums held a Halloween writing event. Are you brave enough to read these entries?

During the spooky holiday of Halloween, the PokéCommunity forums held a writing event. Members were challenged to pair up and write a Halloween tale based on a selection of prompts. Check out the entries submitted for the event below!

Sleepy Chateau

By Bardothren and Bay Alexison

Pokémon meets Sleepy Hollow! A trainer comes across a Pumpkaboo, but soon falls afoul of a headless horseman riding a Rapidash. Why is it so interested in the Pumpkaboo?

I used to think that pumpkins were just for decoration. Now I can’t look at a jack o lantern without thinking about the night I almost lost everything.

I was roaming Eterna Forest, looking to evolve my Eevee with the mossy rock. The sun had just set an hour ago, and a full moon lit up the forest floor with a gorgeous speckling of silver light. Not a single pokemon broke the silence of rustling leaves and creaking branches as I trekked to the heart of the forest.

I was almost at the mossy rock when a Pumpkaboo ran right into me. The poor ghost was so frightened that it buried itself in my arms and wrapped its vines around me. I could feel it shaking and crying into my shirt.

“A Pumpkaboo?” I was taken aback when it jumped into my arms like that, and even more confused by its sobbing. The Pumpkaboo still shook as I patted it gently and let out hushed sounds. “There there, buddy. What got you spooked?”.

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Tootan’s Hallows Eve

By Oddball_ and Strange

A pair preparing for Halloween make a mess of a seemingly harmless spell involving cats. Based on the Titans roleplay!

“This is halloween, everybody make a scene!” Lightforce sang as he danced around the resistance headquarters and pinning felt bats to the walls. “DRUID! Did you find them spoopy props yet?”

“Not yet!” Druid yelled down the corridor. His hands were busy digging through the maintenance closet trying to find anything that resembled Halloween decorations. All he found, however, was a few extra toilet seat lids, a plunger, and way too many moldy rags to pass a health inspection. Not exactly the kind of scary he was looking for.

Finally, giving up on his search, he closed the door to the closet forcefully. Then, turning towards where Lightforce was dancing around with joy, he stumbled over his spellbook, which he had set aside while he searched the closet. “Hey!” he shouted as he scooped up his book, “There’s got to be some spells in here that can make decorations magically appear in a puff of smoke!”

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