Pokémon GO Datamining Reveals Signs of Generation Two Coming In Future

Pokémon Go datamining has revealed a big new feature coming soon.

The latest update for Pokémon GO has started to go live for people across the world. As soon as it started releasing, dataminers took to the game’s files and examined the code for any potential new features coming next. Doing this in the past has shown off features like the buddy feature before official announcement. In this latest update, yet another new and highly demanded feature has coding included in it.

That is the addition of generation two Pokémon! While all generation two Pokémon have coding, they do not have movesets added yet. Thus they aren’t fully ready and may not come next update. For example, we know from previous datamining that trading has been coded for, but it has’t been released yet and we have had two updates since it’s discovery.

Due to this, we can’t be sure when the update for generation two, but it could be very soon, perhaps even before the year ends! We also have coding for the move Transform now, so we might get to see Ditto added soon as well, who has mysteriously been absent in GO.

Check out the full details on thesilphroad.

So which generation two Pokémon are you most excited about to catch, train, and perhaps have as a buddy?

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