And the latest Pokken Tournament character is Croagunk

Breaking: Croagunk is the latest addition to Pokken’s roster.

Croagunk is the new fighter coming to a future update for Pokken Tournament. It arrives on the arcades on November 10. Whether it’s coming out to the Wii U version is a mystery for now.

From Serebii:

Today a special NicoNico stream aired for Pokkén Tournament and within this, revealed a brand new character which will be available to play in the arcade game. This Pokémon is Croagunk, which was previously just a support Pokémon. It goes live in Japanese arcades on November 10th 2016. It is a Speed character.

A trailer (sans the sound) was captured by YouTube channel Perfectly Nintendo, demonstrating the brand new fighting croaker:

What do you think? Were you expecting someone else — perhaps, as some people were speculating, Empoleon? Although in hindsight, there was evidence of this character appearing that was skipped since its a support. Looking forward to our Brock-loving friend?

Thanks to Achromatic for the tip!

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