Watch part 3 of the Pokémon Sun and Moon ‘Train On’ trailer

Watch Sho’s adventures continue in Hawaii as he strengthens the bonds of friendship through Pokémon! And witness how he beats up teenagers. (In Pokémon). We also break down all the tiny details to be glimpsed.

Today the Japanese Pokémon YouTube channel posted Part 3 of the Train On series of trailers for Pokémon Sun and Moon.  It also appears to be the finale. Here the protagonist, Sho, and his friends undergo a moving training montage to show up a group of teenagers in the most dangerous of games – a two-on-two Pokémon battle.

Check out the movie below!

Update: The International channel has uploaded the video in English:

Through these we also confirm that Alolan Exeggutor still needs a Leaf Stone to reach that stage, and it still learns Explosion. It also knows the Z-Move Breakneck Blitz, the Normal-type Z-Move. There’s imagery of a Rock-Type Z-Move as well, but no name.

In regards to smaller details:

  • We have the PP of a lot of old moves, which have remained the same. Protect has 10 PP, Explosion has 5 PP, and both Wood Hammer and Dragon Hammer have 15 PP. Bug Buzz has 10 PP, Discharge has 15 PP, Light Screen has 30 PP, Ice Beam has 10 PP, Ice Shard has 30 PP, and lastly Dazzling Gleam has 10 PP.
  • At 1:14, we briefly see part of the Alolan Pokédex! Starting at number 17, we see Caterpie’s line and Ledyba’s line, then from #29 Vikavolt, Bonsly’s line, Happiny’s line, Munchlax’s line, Slowpoke’s line, Wingull’s line, Abra’s line, Alolan Meowth’s line, and finally the Magnemite line, ending with Magnezone at #49.
  • Repels are in the game (unsurprisingly).
  • Exeggcute is #269. Alolan Vulpix is #253.
  • Charjabug evolves into VIkavolt at level 40.

What did you think of the last part of the Train On videos?

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