Tapu Koko, Pikachu Z-Move Showcased in New Pokémon Sun and Moon Anime Trailer

Tapu Koko shows us that even Island Guardians can be cheeky, as it steals Ash’s hat!

A new Pokémon Sun & Moon anime trailer has been released, showcasing Tapu Koko and Pikachu’s Z-Move.

The trailer, which was shown at the end of the final XYZ episode which aired earlier today, featured a scene in which Tapu Koko approaches Ash from behind and takes his hat, leading to Ash chasing the Island Guardian Pokémon through a forest.

In a separate scene, Ash is seen receiving a Z-Ring, and Pikachu then uses its Z-Move in battle.

The Pokémon Sun & Moon anime will be first airing as a special on the 17th of November, just before the Sun & Moon games are released.

You can watch the full trailer below:

Edited by bobandbill.