[Updated] Pokémon Sun and Moon Demo Datamining

Datamining has begun on the newly released Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo. We summarise what others have found out about the games – warning, spoilers within!

LAST UPDATED: 26th October. Battle intro animations! 

Today the Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo was released. A few players have taken it upon themselves to get at the code of the demo in order to learn more information about the full games. Essentially they’re ‘mining the data’ to find out about, say, new Pokémon or Alolan Forms not yet officially announced.

Naturally this is something a lot of players are interested in, so below we’ll summarize what information has been found. We stress that PokéCommunity Daily has had no part in the datamining. We also wish to remind readers that spoilers are within. If you do not wish to know information not officially announced by Nintendo/The Pokémon Company/The Pokémon Company International, we advise you leave the article now!

More information will be updated as it comes.


Michael @ SciresM (Twitter)
Mike S. (ΩDonut) @pokemon_PHD (Twitter)
Smogon Datamine Thread
Kaphonics (YouTube)

Datamined Information

To start with, we have to commend Game Freak. Base stats are not able to be datamined as such information is replaced with that of Pikachu! Well done – it’s nice to see that some info will be hidden until the game releases. Bonus points for replacing all stats with that of Pikachu too.

UPDATE: Perhaps not. Claims are floating around that the information may not have been fully masked.

The following information may require further verification!

FALSE: There are 143 new Pokémon in Sun and Moon. This was said in an irc chat in Smogon. It is possibly doubtful given a lack of confirmation from other dataminers, and may refer to e.g. listed Pokémon up to the last available in the demo’s Pokédex.

Oh my god
There are
New Pokemon

Update, 6:03AM GMT+0: The above information has been called into question by Kaphotics, one of the people responsible for the datamining. He has claimed that there are less than 80 new Pokémon in the game, saying that Jangmo-o is placed towards the end of the Pokédex as the pseudolegendary and is #782 in the Pokédex.

There are two more Alolan Form versions of evolution lines (at least?) we don’t yet know about. These belong to Kanto Pokémon.

One of these is for Dugtrio. Source. The other is confirmed to be the Golem line.


Minor Spoilers (Data used in Demo)

  • Base stats of Pikipek, Yungoos, and the Jangmo-o line, Rockruff, and Ash-Greninja, however these base stats will have been lowered to make the demo easier. The distribution would be roughly the same, though.
  • Most moves are unobtainable from the data. Only four new moves are in the code for the demo:
    • Psychic Terrain: Boosts Psychic moves, and priority moves do not work for first five turns.
    • Throat Chop: Sound producing moves can not be used. (Pretty Vicious if you think about it).
    • Aurora Veil: Halves the power of physical and special moves.
    • Laser Focus: After using Laser Focus, your next move will always be a critical hit.
  • All remaining moves are replaced with Pound, except those encountered in the demo.
  • Item sprites were revealed as well.
  • Met locations are detailed in the data as well. Mostly, these seem to relate to the locations within the demo, in addition to “A Faraway Place” and “The Kalos Region”
  • Four new Ribbons are in the game.
  • 186 Trainer Classes and 720 moves.
  • No new types

UPDATE 10:49 pm, GMT +0

As per this source, we see two bizarre galaxy-themed Pokémon with the one on the left appearing alongside Lillie! They look a little like this:


Major Spoilers – All Pokémon Shiny Forms

This video shows Alolan Persian; Ash-Pikachu with multiple forms; Alolan Geodude, Graveller, and Golem; Pikipek’s evolutions (the final one is the toucan); a few more mysterious Pokemon and Ultra Beasts; Morelull’s, Wimpod’s, and Salandit’s evolutions; an Anchor Pokemon; three more Island Guardians akin to Tapu Koko; possible pre-evolutions for Solgaleo and Lunala; and finally, Marshadow’s appearance.

You can find some models below. Still updating with more!

















UPDATE 7:00 am, GMT +0

Kaphonics has released part three, with more shiny forms of Pokémon.

Alolan Pokémon Dex Numbers

A current list of new Pokédex numbers (following Volcanion at #721) is below. Some descriptions are based on guesswork, and the numbers are yet to be fully verified.

#722: Rowlet
#723: Dartrix
#724: Rowlet Evo 2
#725: Litten
#726: Torracat
#727: Litten Evo 2
#728: Popplio
#729: Brionne
#730: Popplio Evo 2
#731: Pikipek
#732: Pikipek Evo 1
#733: Pikipek Evo 2
#734: Yungoos
#735: Gumshoos
#736: Grubbin
#737: Charjabug
#738: Vikavolt
#739: Crabrawler
#740: Crabrawler Evo
#741: Oricorio
#742: Cutiefly
#743: Ribombee
#744: Rockruff
#745: Lycanroc
#746: Wishiwashi
#747: TCG Urchin
#748: TCG Urchin Evo
#749: Mudbray
#750: Mudsdale
#751: Bubble Crab
#752: Bubble Crab Evo
#753: Fomantis
#754: Lurantis
#755: Morelull
#756: Morelull Evo
#757: Salandit
#758: Salandit Evo
#759: Stufful
#760: Bewear
#761: Bounsweet
#762: Steenee
#763: Tsareena
#764: Comfey
#765: Oranguru
#766: Passimian
#767: Wimpod
#768: Wimpod Evo
#769: Sandygast
#770: Palossand
#771: Pyukumuku
#772: Type: Null
#773: Silvally
#774: Minior
#775: Komala
#776: Turtonator
#777: Togedemaru
#778: Mimikyu
#779: Bruxish
#780: Drampa
#781: Anchor
#782: Jangmo-o
#783: Hakamo-o
#784: Kommo-o
#785: Tapu Koko
#786: Psychic Tapu
#787: Fire Tapu
#788: Ghost Tapu
#789: Lunala Pre-Evo
#790: Solgaleo Pre-Evo
#791: Solgaleo
#792: Lunala
#793: UB-01
#794: UB-02 Absorption
#795: UB-02 Beauty
#796: Electric Cable Ultra Beast
#797: Green Pillars Ultra Beast
#798: Spiky Star Ultra Beast
#799: Giant Crab Ultra Beast
#800: Sharp Black Ultra Beast
#801: Magearna
#802: “Marshadow” (Name based on separate leak).

Alolan Dex

The regional dex is currently believed to be represented by the following image.

Click to expand!

The breakdown is as follows:

New Pokémon: 99
Alola: 73
Ultra Beasts: 8
Kanto Alolan Forms: 18

Alola Pokédex: 302 (203 + 99)
Kanto: 69
Johto: 30
Hoenn: 33
Sinnoh: 29
Unova: 28
Kalos: 14

Ultra Beasts can be captured. Ergo, they are essentially Pokémon.

UPDATE: Midnight GMT-6

More datamined info has been discovered.

The new information discovered is as follows:
– There are 98 new moves introduced in the game. 28 of them are Z-Moves;18 Z-Moves are for each type and 11 special Z-Moves for specific Pokémon, such as Pikachu and Snorlax.
– HMs don’t seem to be in the game at all. Moving around the overworld will likely now require the use of PokéRide. Certain HMs are now demoted to being simply TMs. The complete list of TMs is found below:

Credit to Kaphonics
Credit to Kaphonics

-There are 920 total items programmed into the game. However, not all of them are likely to be obtainable. This is similar to how the Apricorn Poké Balls were programmed into Black and White, but remained unobtainable. Regardless, this means that there are approximately 145 new items.

  • 58 of the new items are Z-Crystals, which seem to require two items, one to be held by the Pokémon and one acting as a Key Item.
  • There is a new in-battle held item that has an unknown effect.
  • There is a new item that seems to be a copy of the Lava Cookie from Hoenn, which cures all status effacts.
  • 17 held items are used to change Silvally’s type.
  • A new (speculated) Ice Stone, which was previously shown in a Spanish trailer. This presumably evolves Alolan Vulpix into Alolan Ninetales.
  • There is a key item that allows Zygarde to change formes.
  • No more bikes in the data.
  • A new Poké Ball that appears to be used for capturing Ultra Beasts, which were previously confirmed to be catchable in-game. This Poké Ball doesn’t appear to be one that is able to be sold or purchased. Here’s what it looks like:
Credit to Kaphonics
Credit to Kaphonics.

– Primal Reversion and Hoopa Unbound are still programmed into the games.
– Confirmation of no new fossils, which is likely due to the fact that Alola is a volcanic region and therefore is not old enough to have unique fossils.
– The Strange Souvenir item is still present in the data.


The last video of the series has been released now.

  • Hyper Potion heals 120 HP, but now costs $1500 (previously 1200).
  • In-battle X-stat items (e.g. X-Attack) boost their respective stat by two stages now.
  • Fresh Water, Soda Pop and Lemonade now heals 30, 50 and 70 HP respectively. Lemonade now also costs $400.
  • There are no new weather effects.
  • There are two sets of 32 Ribbons, but only 40 in total are used. Two may be for Champion and Battle Royal.
  • Images of Key Items has been found, as well as for the Z-Crystals. Images for the region and also a (real-world) map have been found.

Update 26th October

YouTube user KazoWAR has released a video with all battle intros, using the Professor’s model as a fill-in. Some story-related spoilers are within from reading into the animations and logos used! KazoWAR also states the following:

Some of these are glitched or use the wrong camera angles/animations since the are meant for wild battle or are using the wrong model.

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