Pokénchi shows more snippets of Sun and Moon anime

Ash learns how to do Z-Moves and meets Tapu Koko. There’s also a livestream of the games on the 23rd on NicoNico to look forward to.

Today the Japanese television show Pokénchi has shown news on the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon anime season. While it’s largely the same as other trailers shown so far, some focus on Z-Moves was shown.

Check out a few screenshots below, or watch it here.  The overlay of the Charmander sprite in these screenshots are from this Twitch streamer.

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A trailer already seen for the Sun and Moon games was also on Pokénchi. There’s no new information to report there. There will be a special livestream for the Pokémon Sun and Moon games on streaming service NicoNico on October 23rd at 8pm, JST. It will feature some gameplay footage (possibly from the demo that goes live on October 18th) and a Battle Royal match between hosts.

What do you think of this newest bit of news for the Sun and Moon anime?

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