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Artist Creates Mini Worlds Through Poké Ball Terrariums

‘Gotta Catch Em All’ has a whole new meaning with these creative Pokémon terrariums.

Ever wanted to know what it was like for a Pokémon inside a Poké Ball?  A talented artist gives us such a glimpse through her wonderful pieces.

Known by the Internet alias The Vintage Realm, this incredible artist makes her own unique take on the Poké Ball by creating “Poké Ball Terrariums.” With each terrarium, the artist creates a colorful arrangement paralleling the Pokémon selected and the environment that she feels best fits it.

Below are only some of her magnificent creations, all photos from her Deviantart page.


If you would like to look at The Vintage Realm’s entire collection, you can find it right here. 

Which terrarium that the creator has made is your favorite? Let us know!

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