[UPDATED] CoroCoro Reveals Alolan Grimer, Silvadi, Jangmo-o evolutions

We now also have Silvadi, the evolution of Type Null, and Jangmo-o’s evolutions. Furthermore, the Sun and Moon anime starts with a special on November 17th in Japan.

UPDATE – The other pages have started to come through! On top of Alolan Grimer, we learn about Jangmo-o evolutions (Jarango and Jararanga),, Type: Null’s Evolution (Silvadi), a new Trial Captain and news on the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime.

This month’s edition of CoroCoro has started to leak. On the original page, Alolan Grimer has been revealed. It seems like it will be of the Poison/Dark type.


New CoroCoro pages

On the following page is repeated news on Eevee and Pikachu’s special Z-moves, and the additional Z-Ring merchandise. It seems like the Z-Ring will vibrate when you use a Z-move in the games. However, at the bottom we get a view of new evolutions for Jangmo-o – Jarango and Jararanga. They are both Dragon/Fighting type.


Next is a double-page dedicated to an evolution of Type: Null – Silvadi. Type: Null evolves into this Pokemon when it feels it has found a trainer it can trust and destroys its helmet. Silvadi has the Ability of ‘Memory‘ which allows its type to change to another. The conditions for the Ability are not yet known. However this gives new meaning to its base form name of Type: Null. Could it have been created to have this specific Ability?

It has a new attack called Multi Attack which changes type based on its hold item.


Next is the full scan of the pages featuring Alolan Grimer. We see other screenshots and art, and the news that Trial Captain Ilimia (pictured below) is the first one we battle.

corocoro-large Ilimia's face

Lastly, we have news on the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime! It airs in a special in Japan on November the 17th. Togedemaru is Pikachu’s ‘rival’, and Samson Oak (Professor Oak’s cousin living in Alola) is the headmaster of the school Ash attends.


What do you think of the CoroCoro information now we have it all?

Edited by Altairis.