Stereoscopic 3D apparently not an option in Pokémon Sun and Moon battles

This is one change alongside a base power decrease in Tackle.

There were numerous events in London as well as San Francisco in the past couple of weeks where the media was allowed to play Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon for two hours to get a feel of the games and to create previews. One of the reviewers is GameXplain, a gaming review site, and they shared this tweet, which may be surprising to some of you:

IGN Editor Jose Otero then clarified that the 3D only works during Poké Finder mode:

Also, Tackle’s base power has dropped from 50 to 40, according to this tweet by Serebii owner Joe Merrick:

It’s worth thinking about that utilizing the 3D in sixth generation resulted in dramatic framerate drops. This means that battles oftentimes looked a lot choppier and laggier. Most of the time, you were better off with it disabled.

How do you feel about this? Were you planning on using the 3D feature a lot in Pokémon Sun and Moon? And do you also feel the drop in Tackle’s power is a wise move? Do let us know in the comments below!

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