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Got Volcanion? Learn more about it in-game!

Having Volcanion in your party will unlock some extra secret dialogue in X/Y and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

With Volcanion now available for a limited time, you can now unlock some background information about it from some characters who appear once you have Volcanion in your party. Both XY and Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire feature a special non-player character who gives some background information on Volcanion. Read on to learn about where to find these events.

This Volcanion is the key to unlocking these events.
This Volcanion is the key to unlocking these events.

X/Y Lumiose Press Event

The first event can be found at Lumiose Press — where Alexa works. The editor in chief of the office is apparently absent — but have Volcanion in your party, and you’ll find that she’s returned before you visit the office with it. The editor in chief, hot off her exclusive press, will be more than happy to share what she’s learned about the Pokémon.

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Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Mauville TV Event

The head of Mauville TV will be in-studio upon visiting Mauville TV with a Volcanion in your party. Seeing Volcanion, he will share with you some unaired TV specials covering said Pokémon — these were apparently shelved. Which is a shame, because they feature Brandon (as in, the Battle Frontier Pyramid King in Emerald) and his team exploring various regions and encountering this mythical Pokémon.

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From all this dialogue, we learn a few different things such as how Volcanion generates its extreme power, that it can generate extreme fog, and how Volcanion flattens mountains and what comes of that. Did you find this interesting?

You see a special cameo of Brandon — does the revelation that he’s an explorer explain him owning the Regi- Pokémon?

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