Pokémon Company President: Mobile Pokémon main series games unlikely

The Pokémon Company’s President Tsunekazu Ishihara wouldn’t want fans to hold their breath for a mobile iteration of their famous main series Pokémon games.

Keeping in mind the popularity of the recent mobile game Pokémon GO, it would make sense to think that perhaps The Pokémon Company would consider moving its main series games over to mobile. However, according to The Pokémon Company’s President, Tsunekazu Ishihara, that probability is pretty slim. During his interview with the Wall Street Journal, he states:

… the chance of finding success in taking a product made for one platform and bringing it over to another is quite low.

Despite this though, do you guys think it’s possible that The Pokémon Company and Game Freak would collaborate on a mobile version of their popular main series titles sometime in the distant future?

The rest of the interview is worth a read, as Tsunekazu Ishihara himself reflects upon the popularity of Pokémon’s mascot and how it expanded into the global franchise that it is today.


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