[UPDATED] New Ultra Beasts and Rockruff’s Evolution Revealed in October 2016 CoroCoro

CoroCoro is leaking, and with it comes two new Ultra Beasts and a new evolution. There’s also news on the anime – Ash returns!

Images from the October 2016 edition of CoroCoro have begun leaking, and with it comes news of new Ultra Beasts, as well as Rockruff’s evolution. Anime details have been revealed too.

UPDATE: New Coro Coro pages on Rockruff’s evolution, Lugarugan, has been leaked.

Ultra Beasts

The Ultra Beasts

There are not one, but two Ultra Beasts called UB-02: UB-02 Beauty, and UB-02 Expansion.

UB-02 Beauty is white and ethereal in appearance, with a slender body and an angelic glow. It arguably has some resemblance to the president of Aether Foundation, Lusamine, but it’s a stretch. UB-02 Expansion on the other hand is red and muscular, with what appears to be a stinger protruding from its face. It doesn’t look like any person we’ve see before…

UB-01 (our clear Lillie lookalike) is also described as having a mysterious name with a deep meaning. We’ll have to wait and see what that actually means!

In later images in the leaks, we also see UB-02 Beauty battling Tapu Koko in Pokémon Moon, and UB-02 Expansion battling Tapu Koko in Pokémon Sun.

More shots of the new Ultra Beasts

Rockruff’s evolution has been revealed to be Lugarugan. It has a different appearance based on whether it evolves in the Day (‘Day Form’) or the Night (‘Night Form’). We do not yet know its Typing.

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Further scans (below) have since leaked of the two forms. The Day (or Midday) Form of Lugarugan knows a priority move called AccelRock (Japanese translation), while the Night Form can use Counter. Some confusion now exists on whether Rockruff’s evolutions are tied to the time of day or version – perhaps we’ll get confirmation separately about this soon?

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CoroCoro will reveal the “true strength of Type: Null” in next month’s issue. While a Pokémon GO image is seen below next to Type: Null, it appears the image merely talks about Pokémon catchable in GO appear in Sun and Moon, such as Rattata.


Pokémon Anime

Lastly, a newer leaked CoroCoro page covers the anime for the next generation. Ash returns as many would have expected. He’s front and centre of the page below, striking a Z-Move pose with Pikachu. He has a Z Ring. He’s also sporting a red hat and the sailor-striped shirt.


It appears the Island Trial Captains and Samson Oak will also feature in the anime. Team Rocket members Jessie, James and Meowth are also to return. Reportedly, Ash will meet the Melemele Island Guardian, Tapu Koko, like in the games. He also will go to school – what will he learn there?

What are your thoughts of this month’s CoroCoro?

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