Alola Form Rattata revealed for Sun and Moon

We also get a Munchlax event with a special Z-Move and a special Sun and Moon themed 2DS. Check here for trailers and a recap!

We got another look at Pokémon Sun and Moon at the Nintendo Direct today. It is the first segment of the Direct below.

A trailer was also uploaded with similar information – check it out below!

The ‘stache is a nice touch.

Alola Rattata has been revealed. It is Dark/Normal Type with the Abilities of Gluttony and Hustle, and sports a moustache. Apparently Rattata were so widespread in Alola that the Pokémon Yungoos had to be introduced to keep population numbers down. Rattata then evolved to adapt against this threat, gaining this unique Alola form. Alolan Raticate also exist according to this webpage – they serve as bosses to Rattata.

Z-Moves were briefly discussed. They can be used via a ‘Z Crystal’ Item, e.g. ‘Grassium Z’ for a Grass Type Z-Move. We also saw in the second trailer that Alola Raichu can use the Z-Move Stoked Sparksurfer.

A Munchlax event was also announced, with the moves Hold Back and Happy Hour (moves it cannot normally learn!). If evolved into Snorlax, it can use the special Z-Move Pulverizing Pancake. This requires holding a Snorlium Z Item (which comes with the Munchlax event). There’s a deadline for it though – January 11th is the latest you can get the Munchlax. This likely will occur via the Nintendo Network (WiFi distribution).

Snorlax turns everything in its path into pancakes… especially when it hears about pancakes.

A special edition 2DS combined with Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon was also announced.

Pikachu's on the 2DS as well.
Pikachu’s on the 2DS as well.

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