Wolfe Glick wins VGC Masters at Worlds

A 2-0 victory gives Wolfe the title of Worlds Champion. Check out who else won in TCG and the other VGC divisions and the replay!

In the final day of the Pokémon World Championships 2016, the TCG and VGC winners have been decided, with Wolfe Glick taking out the major event 2-0 against Jonathan Evans.

The winners of all the TCG and VGC events decided today are in bold:


Junior: Riku Ushirosako (JP) VS Shunto Sadahiro (JP)

Senior: Connor Pederson (US) VS Jesper Eriksen (DK)

Masters: Shintaro Ito (JP) VS Cody W. (US)


Junior: Cory Connor (US) VS Shu Harasaki (JP)

Senior: Carson Confer (US) VS Yuki Wata (JP)

Masters: Wolfe Glick (US) VS Jonathan Evans (US)

In the Masters VGC final, Wolfe’s Raichu was of key importance in the first battle, switching in twice to take a Thunder aimed at his own Kyogre thanks to its Lightning Rod Ability. The win became clear when Wolfe predicted a Protect on Groudon and targeted Jonathan’s Gengar instead (who had earlier survived a weakened Water Spout), taking down Jonathan’s team to one Pokémon. Then it was a comfortable time-out victory for Wolfe’s remaining three Pokémon.

The second battle had a different twist – while Wolfe again switched in his Raichu, Jonathan’s Gengar managed to poison Wolfe’s Kyogre with Sludge Bomb. However, Wolfe goes for Origin Pulse, which knocks out the Gengar. Wolfe’s Raichu takes the other Origin Pulse thanks to an Assault Vest. It then manages an Endeavour against Kyogre before being knocked out, while Wolfe’s Rayquaza knocks out the opposing Kyogre.

The key turn was a nice read on Wolfe’s part where Jonathan’s Groudon used Protect. However, he predicted it and had his Rayquaza use Sword Dance! The battle may have ended differently if Jonathan went for an aggressive Eruption instead, but that’s the benefit of hindsight. To rub salt into the wound, Wolfe lucked out massively after P-Blades missed his Kyogre, and while Jonathan’s Groudon survived Mega Rayquaza’s attack, it was picked off soon after when a double-Protect gambit failed, allowing Wolfe to knock out the remaining Bronzong in the last turn.

You can check out the replays of the final matches below, complete with commentary.

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Anaheim, California is the location of next year’s World Championships.

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