New Pokémon and IV training for Sun and Moon

We get English names and new Pokémon, complete with a trailer video. We also get ‘Hyper Training’, the first way to IV train!

Today more news on the Pokémon Sun and Moon games was released on the official webpage, giving us the new English names for the Pokémon revealed in CoroCoro this month,  and also some new creatures! We also get a new trailer for these new additions  -check it out below!

Furthermore, you can host your own competitions, and we have Hyper Training, which allows for the training of Individual Values (IVs). Yes, that’s right.


The six Pokémon we have revealed here in English are Wimpod, Bounsweet, Bewear, Comfey, Mudsdale and Mimikyu.



Wimpod, the Turn Tail Pokémon, is a Bug/Water type. At a mere 1’08” and 26.5 lbs, it behaves like its name suggests – it’s wimpy. They tend to run off from battles, yet are curious Pokémon that will investigate you… if you’re standing still.

They’re also scavengers that eat anything, including garbage. They have the new ability Wimp Out, which allows it to run away or switch out with another Pokémon when its health drops below 50%.



The Fruit Pokémon stands at only one foot tall, and is a pure Grass type. It has Leaf Guard and Oblivious. It has a particularly sweet smell and is often used by people as a living air freshener.

It can rotate that calyx on its head in battling, but this can leave it in a dizzy state.



Bewear was revealed last week in CoroCoro. Here we get its English name as well as its unique ability’s name in Fluffy, and some description about it! Fluffy halves the damage taken from attacks that make direct contact, but doubles the damage taken from Fire Type attacks. This effectively gives it a new weakness, but it will otherwise be fairly bulky!

As mentioned in CoroCoro, the official website warns that Bewear loves to hug but may hurt you in giving you one.



This pure Fairy type loves flowers, and probably would get along well with Flabébé. Comfey always carries these picked flowers with it, and uses the aroma from the flowers to soothe itself and allies, as well as treat people and Pokémon at Pokémon Centres.

That said, it can throw the flowers at anything attacking it in order to make its escape. It prioritises itself over the flowers!

It can have Flower Veil or Triage as an Ability. Triage gives priority (“the highest priority”) to any healing moves it may use.



Mudsdale is a Ground type, and a rather calm Pokémon as its “emotional fortitude, which keeps it from being agitated by anything”. Sounds like a great workhorse! Its legs are coated in protective mud, and adds weight and hence force to its kicks. It’s not very fast, but it’s certainly strong and has great stamina. This suggests the Pokémon will be a slow, bulky attacker.

It has an interesting new Ability called Stamina. Its Defense goes up by one stage whenever it is hit by an attack. Its other Ability is Own Tempo.



Lastly, we have the second Pokémon revealed in CoroCoro in Mimikyu. As before, the website informs us it is always hidden in this cloth, which is shaped like Pikachu. Mimikyu merely wants to look like Pikachu as it is “dreadfully lonely, and it thought it would be able to make friends with humans if only it looked like Pikachu”. Poor thing.

This Ghost/Fairy type has the Disguise ability. It allows it to escape damage from an enemy’s attack just once, before its appearance changes.

Hosting Competitions

A separate page has been made to advertise the Pokemon Global Link website. The site will be updated to be compatible with Sun and Moon, but will end support for the 6th generation games.

On the new PGL, you’ll be able to compete in official Online Competitions as in the past, but now there’s more! A new Friendly Competition feature has been constructed that will allow you to become a competition host yourself and host original competitions where you set the regulations. Friendly Competitions allow you to hold competitions in two different styles. Recruit your friends and enjoy climactic battles!

How exciting!

Hyper Training

We have a webpage for Hyper Training as well. This allows for Individual Value (IV) training!

Pokémon grow stronger by raising their levels and increasing their base stats. However, their power is still affected by the individual strengths innate to each Pokémon. Now, with Hyper Training, Pokémon that have grown to Lv. 100 will be able to increase their individual strengths, which has never been possible before.

Reportedly, a ‘Mr. Hyper’ (what a name…) serves as the go-to point for Hyper Training. Giving this NPC ‘Bottle Caps’ can increase your Pokémon’s IVs. Magearna will also have such a Bottle Cap item. This news is pretty huge overall – suddenly now there will be little benefit to people hacking the games beyond saving a bit of time, as anyone could get perfect Pokémon.

What do you make of the new Pokémon and features? Let us know in the comments!