New Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer released

We see some more gameplay footage, including additional Pokémon you can ride on in Sun and Moon. Also Amie is back!

Following the news of CoroCoro, we have a new trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon to enjoy. It features the Japanese kid interacting with family and friends while playing the games, complete with fireworks. Check it out below!

Highlights of the video are:

  • Amie is back! There’s some more options to it as well, it appears – check 1:24.
  • You can catch wild Eevee. There are eight slots for possible evolutions for Eevee in the video via the Pokédex, so this presumably rules out any new Eeveelutions this generation. Other Pokémon seen include Poliwag and Miltank.
  • You can ride Tauros, Sharpedo and Lapras, as well as Stoutland (the latter we’ve seen in an earlier trailer).
  • The two new Pokémon revealed yesterday in CoroCoro, Kiteruguma and Mimikkyu, are very briefly seen being traded in the video.
  • Pikachu was seeing using a new Electric attack.
  • The protagonist is seen striking a weird pose multiple times in the video. What’s going on with that? Consider 2:05 in particular – the starter Pokémon are then seen afterward with symbols coloured by their typing as they glow. Is this something similar to ‘Synergy Evolution’ as seen in the anime with Ash and Greninja? We may have a hint to a new battling mechanic here, but this is speculation.
  • We also see the protagonist and rival on a boat briefly (2:02). Is this how we can move between different islands for at least some part of the game?
  • Lastly, we get to see new different environments as well.